– Pendelstein –

steatite, braided leather, silver

Pendelstein 700x500_2

“Pendelstein” – eye-catching steatite pendant in combination with thick braided cordovan leather and sterling silver. Because of the steatite being a natural heat storer this piece is pleasant to wear next to the skin. The beautiful marbeling of this Indian steatit is enhanced by a simple and classic composition.

Pendelstein 700x900

Pendelstein 700x900_3Pendelstein 700x900_1Pendelstein 700x900_2

measurements – necklace: 48cm (18.9″) / pendant: 7cm (2.76″)

price: 72,- €

Buy “Pendelstein” in our online store (German)  or Contact us directly (don’t forget to tell us which item you are interested in)


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