– Pistolero –

green marbled steatite


“Pistolero” –  A cowgirl’s(boy’s) companion in handbag format. Usable from both sides this dildo / plug is meant to awaken your play instincts. His compact format allows you to carry him with you easily wherever you go, wherever lust takes over. Furthermore “pistolero” is a beautiful, handmade design piece that doesn’t need to be hidden from others necessarily.


Pistolero_05                      Pistolero_06

measurements: length ca. 12cm (4.72″) / Ø at max. 5.5cm (1.96″)
material: steatite (soapstone), polish (natural oil)

price: 149,-€

Buy “Pistolero” on ETSY  or Contact us directly (don’t forget to tell us which item you are interested in)

Each toy is elaborately handcrafted and polished with valuable natural oils. They are delivered in a wooden case with a velvet inlay and neutral packaging. Every piece is unique and as individual as you are yourself.

Cleans with warm water and mild soap or disinfectant.

Please be aware that due to hygienic reasons StoneSoft’s toys are not refundable.

You can always look at our toys as models for your own custom StoneSoft toy. We will try to match your specifications as well as your expectations, nearly everything is possible. Don’t hesitate contacting us!


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