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Unique DRIFTWOOD SCISSOR LAMP 'Riga', hand-crafted wall light sconce by StoneSoftArt

Unique DRIFTWOOD SCISSOR LAMP 'Riga', hand-crafted wall light sconce by StoneSoftArt

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Extraordinary one-of-a-kind driftwood scissor WALL LAMP 'Riga', hand-crafted lamp shade in high quality. Lamp base is a vintage Danish teak wood scissor lamp.
Carefully selected pieces of driftwood lovingly combined with hemp, shells, leather and feathers make this unique light an absolute eye-catching art work and the perfect conversation starter for your home! This piece can be read and viewed even when unlit, like an opulent novel. Again and again you will discover something new in it. However, when the light turns on, this unique piece of craftsmanship unfolds its full beauty in the play of light and shadow. One-of-a-kind sustainable design!
[By the way, all lamps named after capitals of countries bordering the Baltic Sea.]
Delivery without bulb. Needs E27.
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Condition: new / base upcycled
Brand: StoneSoftArt
Materials: driftwood, stone, metal, hemp, seashells, oyster shells, feathers, leather
Height lamp base: 13.7" / 35 cm
Diameter shade max: 13" / 33 cm
Cord (with switch) length: 47.2" / 120 cm
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