therapeutical anchors

anchors – “linking a state of mind”

A while ago friends who happened to be psychotherapists asked us whether we could craft therapeutical anchors for them to pass on to their clients. Since we loved the idea of crafting functional objects that are nevertheless beautiful art pieces, we wanted more therapists to be able to give their clients a beautiful anchor to remind them of their therapeutical success. A new category was born: StoneSoft anchors.

Anker06 und 07

Anker02What is a therapeutical anchor ?

Simply put, an anchor is an object associated to a certain state of mind. The object becomes a trigger for a certain state of mind or behaviour. Therapeutical anchors are used in many areas such as psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, behaviour therapy and many more.

Any object can be an anchor but as an anchor is stronger the more it “touches” our senses, the objects look, texture, feel, smell and so on matters. StoneSoft’s anchors are made from steatite which is a beautiful natural mineral offering unique features and a great range of colouring.

Despite having a function StoneSoft’s anchors are nevertheless beautiful art objects that can enhance your life a little with their unique look and the atmosphere they create around them.Anker03-1

Because every person is individual, their anchor should be unique as well. StoneSoft’s anchors are handmade and each anchor has its unique features be it texture, colour, size, weight, hardness and even smell. Therefore a StoneSoft anchor will be a long lasting and very personal companion.

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If you want to provide therapeutical anchors made by StoneSoft to your clients, don’t hesitate contacting us!

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