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Made by nature. Designed by me.

Well, I guess you are also a friend of the rough sea, the untamed wind that pushes the clouds, and the ever-changing sun? Do you also love, like me, to see how the elements shape and transform nature? How wonderful that we can share this passion. And how wonderful that you found your way here, to my 'place of passion', my new online store.

Since I was a child, I have been interested in nature and all its facets and forms. I have always been able to spend hours immersed in the forms and materials she gives us. Today I live, so to speak, between the seas, in northern Germany, just before the Danish border and between the coasts of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea.

Since 2009 I work with stone, wood and other natural materials. First it was jewelry and small decorative pieces, meanwhile I have arrived at lamp(shades) made of driftwood, which I lovingly compose with the most diverse materials to a lighting experience. I love to combine them with vintage Danish pottery bases, or other preloved lamp feed of wood and metal.
I also like to create custom works. So if you have a specific idea where you want to have and admire one of these unique light objects, feel free to let me know!
And now I wish you a lot of joy while discovering the unique one-of-a-kind pieces here on StoneSoftArt.com!

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